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Mirage Ritual - 2h15

• Beginning with our grand "Royal Hammam" - an exotic journey that detoxifies and renews - followed by the exclusive "Mirage Signature Massage," your body is cradled in complete relaxation. We conclude this grandeur with an expert manicure, leaving you feeling polished and sophisticated.


Ritual of the Senses - 1h40

• The journey commences with our traditional Hammam, a time-honored practice that purifies and revives. We then invite you to surrender to a body wrap of your choice, before the culmination of your experience - our stimulating "Sensory Awakening Massage."


Rriental Ritual - 1h30

• this enchanting journey begins with our "Sensory Awakening Massage," creating harmony between mind and body. The ritual is completed with our Mattifying Treatment, leaving your skin resplendent with a healthy glow.



• Celebrate your bond with our Royal Atlas Couple's Retreat. This luxury package includes our splendid Royal Hammam, our signature Mirage Massage, and a meticulous manicure, all executed in pairs. To add to the romance, we offer a complimentary bottle of fine Red wine and adorn your room with soft, glowing candles. Escape to this sanctuary of togetherness and leave with a shared memory of profound relaxation.


Secret Couple Ritual - 2h40

• Discover the language of love and relaxation with our Secret Couple's Ritual. Surrender to the rejuvenating embrace of our Traditional Hammam, followed by a soothing Relaxation Massage, and our Mattifying Treatment. The experience is crowned with a manicure, creating an aura of polished elegance. The glow of candlelight and a complimentary bottle of Red wine enhances your shared journey, turning it into a secret haven, where time stands still, and love echoes in every sigh of relaxation.



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