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Four Hands Massage (vervain oil) - 0h50

• Our Four-Handed Massage is a choreographed symphony of touch, performed by two expert therapists. Working in perfect harmony, they simultaneously massage identical body areas, their movements synchronized to ensure a seamless and immersive massage experience. This dual action multiplies the relaxation, offering a unique, deeply calming massage journey.


Signature Massage By Mirage (lavender oil) - 1h00

• Experience the comforting warmth of our Hot Oil Body Massage. Natural oils, gently heated to the perfect temperature, are lavished upon your body, enveloping you in a cocoon of warmth and relaxation. The fragrant oils seep into your skin, rehydrating it and infusing your senses with serenity and well-being throughout the session.


Tonic Sports Massage (lemon oil) - 0h40

• Incorporating various techniques such as kneading, percussion, and smoothing, our invigorating massage aids in muscle relaxation and toxin elimination. Ideally suited as a pre-workout energizer or a post-exercise recovery booster, this treatment harmonizes your body's rhythm to the demands of your active lifestyle.


Massage Relaxant (huile de vervine) • Relaxing massage (vervain oil) - 0h50

• Our soothing massage offers an oasis of relaxation and wellness, expertly dissolving muscle tension while enhancing blood and lymphatic flow. This therapy is a testament to the transformative power of touch, aiding in a renewed sense of vitality and tranquility.


Duo massage (choice of oils available) - 0h50

• Experience a shared spell of serenity with our Duo massage, a tailored experience for two, delivered simultaneously. Nestled in comfort, each partner is expertly attended to by professional therapists, sharing a harmonious journey of pleasure, encased in individual bubbles of bliss.


Senses Awakening massage (vervain oil) - 0h30

• Surrender to the rhythm of fluid and cohesive strokes that enwrap you, casting a veil of profound relaxation and tranquility that touches the core of your being.


Massage for Pregnant Woman (neutral oil Bio) - 0h30

• Our specialized maternity massage employs soft, caressing techniques. Positioned for comfort, the expecting mother enjoys a nurturing neck and shoulder massage, allowing for expanded breathing and a sense of calm serenity.


Reflexology massage (vervain oil) - 0h20

• Reflexology accesses designated 'reflex zones' through skilled finger-tip massage, providing remote pain alleviation and equilibrium of vital functions. In foot reflexology, these zones correspond to distinct organs or parts of the body, with variations including palm, facial, and ear reflexology, focusing on the respective zones.



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